Proven technology to connect and engage with your ideal catering clients automatically, with minimum effort and maximum results!


Effortless Automation of Your Lead Generation!

Your sales funnel needs a continous, daily supply of fresh, targeted leads. Catering Targets works for you 24/7/365 to manage your engagement and keep your funnel full.

LeadOMatic Lead Funnel

The Catering Targets software…

  • Saves your time, effort and energy – by doing all your prospecting work so you can concentrate on higher-value activities.
  • Engages, nurtures and manages – all your lead generation activities using proven message sequencing best practices.
  • Generates more recurring revenue – by tirelessly targeting new prospects who are likely to become long-term premium catering clients.

2.75 Million Connections and Counting

The Catering Targets software is the industry leader in lead generation campaign management with over 2,750,000 new connections generated!

Freqently Asked Questions

What is Catering Targets?

Catering Targets provides the essential toolset for caterers and restauteurs to maximize their success on the world’s leading professional networking platform – LinkedIn. This powerful software will help you identify your ideal catering clients and build meaningful, lasting relationships at scale to grow your business.

With Catering Targets, it has never been easier to increase and leverage your connections, build personal relationships with leads and generate sustainable revenue growth. Catering Targets lets you quickly target new prospects and maintain relationships with existing ones – without requiring extra effort or time investment.

Catering Targets offers a robust suite of advanced features such as personalized message templates, profile search filters and measurement metrics – all designed to help you stay organized and in control of your outreach efforts.

For you, a caterer or restauteur, Catering Targets is the ultimate productivity tool for maximizing LinkedIn success. Click here now to schedule a complimentary LeadGen Zoom session.

Do I need to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

No, you can use Catering Targets with a free LinkedIn account. However, with Sales Navigator you will have advanced options to create highly targeted lists for even better results.

It’s possible to get a free trial of Sales Navigator if you’ve never used or haven’t tried it recently.

How are you different?

When you join Catering Targets, you get me, Jeff Cook, at your service. I don’t farm this out to some VA in a far-away land.

I get to know you, your business, your target market in a way that only I can do based on my 25+ years as a marketing adviser and business coach to restaurateurs and caterers.